Thanks to various studies, we have a good idea of when certain skills and physical capabilities—like muscle strength and facial recognition abilities—peak.  Business Insider  has compiled this information into a timeline.

  • Remembering new names: 22

  • Muscle strength: 25

  • Elite marathon running: 28

  • Bone mass: 30

  • Playing chess: 31

  • Learning new faces: 32

  • Making a Nobel-Prize-winning discovery: 40

  • Vocabulary: late 60s - early 70s

  • Psychological well-being: 82

Note, however, that these data all come from different sources, and some are more reliable than others. The tidbit about marathon runners—the average age to complete a marathon in around two hours—came from an analysis of 50 years of data. The peak ages for doing arithmetic and knowing vocabulary words both come from a study of 48,500 people. Meanwhile, Business Insider’s data point on the best age to marry—26—comes from a mathematical calculation on how many romantic options you can screen before all your prospective mates get married and drop out of the dating pool.

Information courtesy of Bill Holmes with Front Street Mortgage